Whether you live in Winkler, Morden, Carman, Altona or beyond, come have fun with us at the Pembina Valley’s newest family entertainment centre.

Rush Laser Tag & Entertainment is the perfect place for birthday parties, team-building events, youth group outings, and more!

With our state-of-the-art facility now completed, you’ll find year-round fun for the whole family conveniently located in the Southland Mall in Winkler.

Battle Through Lights at Rush Laser Tag

Thinking of a unique and fun activity that is filled with continuous wow factor until the end? Then navigate a 2-level themed maze and contend with different obstacles made out-of-this-world through the use of fog and LED lighting. 

Find your preferred laser tag arena here at Rush Laser Tag and Entertainment and earn points as you tag oppositions as many times as possible.

Laser Tag Arena

Team Supercharge

Wanting to head directly to intense action-filled combat? Battle alongside your friends under extreme darkness at Team Super Charge Arena. Plan your surprise attack and fire your laser head-on. 

Have no mercy as you will be going against multiple teams having the same bloodlust as yours. So make sure to stick together with your teammates and look for each other. You do not know who is hiding behind the dark.


Imagine that you are on a journey to find the rarest gem that can only be found on the high mountains of the Himalayas. But what you never know is that you are not alone on your search. 

With the raised platforms, you will experience climbing the top as you encounter bandits who only wish to end your life. Your enemies are not simple dagger-holding villains because they are using modern laser technology which they develop to prepare for this violent dispute for wealth.

Ready your firearms and strengthen your endurance as this will not be an easy fight.


What is more tragic than to fight against your friends? When all the lights have been switched off, you do not have any choice but to wipe your tears and prepare your heart as the downfall of your comrade will happen by your hands.

You will be wrangling under complete darkness. Their footsteps and intense breathing will only be your tool to find their location. So remember to widen your hearing, and be alert. 

Space Marines

Imagine that it was the end of the world. You and your team are on the search of finding the next planet for human beings to thrive. But your ship crashed on to an unknown entity.

Suddenly, someone breakthroughs. In an instant, an extreme head-to-head duel against foreign intruders started. With your laser guns and protective armours, you will display your boldness to fight for your comrade.

But do not forget that you only have limited time as your ship will lose oxygen soon. So, finish the battle as fast as you can.

Laser Tag Rules

We strictly enforce the following rules as your safety is our primary concern. 

  1. Indoor shoes should be worn inside the laser tag arena
  2. Running, jumping, climbing (except for raised platforms), and lying down are prohibited inside.
  3. Always hold phaser with both hands
  4. Children under the age of 5 are not allowed to play laser tag.
  5. Children under 8 years old must be guided by adults

Please let us know if you are suffering from asthma, epilepsy, or seizures as the arena will be filled with fog and lighting.

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