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Rush Laser Tag and Entertainment: Arcade Guide 

Parties and special events can be made more fun with our Rush Laser Tag and Entertainment arcade! Enjoy a myriad of games from our wide collection! Kids, teens, and adults are welcome. We have a prize booth where you can trade credits for awesome items. We can’t wait to see you have fun with us!

For more info, we have gathered all the details about arcade games and more! If you enjoy playing in our laser tag arena, you can relax and unwind for a bit in our arcade collection. 

Where arcade games come from

Believe it or not, arcade gaming has been around for a long time with the first models dating back to over a century ago! You have probably come across scenes in famous films where the main characters meet his or her friends in an arcade. If you love Back to the Future II, you will probably know what we mean. 

The first arcade concept has its origins in Philadelphia, USA. Perhaps the father of arcade games can be credited to the creation of ‘skee-ball’. Players roll a ball towards an inclined plane similar to what you find in bowling alleys. The ball then hops or jumps into rings that correspond to a point system. 

The game was invented in 1909 by J.D. Estes and since its launch, alleys were sold to entertainment industries a few years later. By the 1930s, the wooden pinball game was created and has since become an iconic novelty throughout the years. Coin-operated machines were widely popular across states however, due to its roots in gambling, they were heavily regulated or even banned in some locations! 

Forefathers of arcade gaming

Pinball machines were also known as games of chance just a while after they were sold commercially. Creators then decided to add ‘flippers’ that players could use to prevent the ball from shooting down the hole. This addition modified pinball to a game of skill thus, making it more child or family-friendly. 

Modern technology in the 1970s gave birth to the world’s first coin-operated video game. Galaxy Game became a sensation among those who gained an interest in gaming during that era. They only cost a dime per game and after their widespread popularity among the public, mass-produced models were then sold. 

After entertainment industries opened their doors to this concept, more games were released and sold to patrons. One of the most successful of them all was Pong, which in turn replaced pinball machines. As the years went by, the 1970s became a melting pot of arcade game developments. Microprocessors were introduced by the next decade. 

The golden age

You have probably heard of Space Invaders at some point in your life. If you ever owned early models of mobile phones, you may have played modern versions of the game without even knowing! Asteroids followed suit and were profitable after selling over 70,000 units to the public. Their developer, Atari, created the world’s first coloured arcade game following the success of their flagship game. 

Now, there is no denying that Pac-Man is the most iconic one of them all. To no surprise, it remains to be the most successful game of all time and has cemented its spot in pop culture royalty. Donkey Kong followed suit in the trend and introduced multi-level gaming to the world. Ever wondered where gameplay narrative came from? We can safely credit Donkey Kong for bringing storylines to the picture. 

Arcade renaissance

Sadly, while these beloved games prospered following their release, many parents began to question their moral bearing to their children. This notion almost brought collapse to the industry but video games were pretty new in the era and disputes are inevitable. It didn’t stop developers from creating better gaming systems, however, after Nintendo and Sega came into the spotlight for introducing home-based games. 

By the 1990s, movements in the industry continued to make waves around the world with every new game release. Revenues were going through the roof and more fans visited arcades for socialization than just individual fun. Games that offered players to compete against each other became a new fad among the younger generations. Thus, Mortal Kombat and Dance Dance Revolution took the world by storm! 

Arcades today

The early 2000s was met with the creation of Guitar Hero and other simulation games that made players explore a wide range of options besides fighter games. Machines that offered hundreds of arcade games in a single unit also became widely popular. 

Basketball became a trend among developers who created units that allowed players to shoot hoops as much as they can. Shooting games also became widely popular among those who want to play against another player. Units that offered touch screen displays also sparked a fascination as the concept was fairly new during the early 2000s.

3-D simulations took arcade gaming to a whole new level. Units started installing sound systems, special effects, and more to add more thrill to the experience. Even with the option for virtual gaming made available to players around the world, arcades are still beloved by many and remain to be a pop culture icon today and the years to come. 

Mobile gaming

Every kid has probably owned some form of device that allowed them to play games in the palm of their hands or wherever they go. Mobile options for gaming competed with arcades as fans enjoy the ease and comfort of playing whenever and wherever they like. 

Not only was it convenient for players but units were a lot cheaper than buying a machine or spending extra time and money heading over to arcade stations. Some people have disputed over the integrity of mobile gaming as it lacked the full experience that only arcade machines can offer. 

Online modes enable players to interact and play against others no matter where they are around the world. Multiplayer and campaign options emerged after shooter games in arcades paved the way for their development. Some developers have also branched out to carrying substantial narratives into their gameplay with units that enable players to make choices that would in turn dictate the events that followed. 

Fans and collectors alike keep an eye out on these machines for pure novelty reasons. With how much they impacted the gaming industry, any enthusiast would definitely want an original unit in his or her collection. Not only does that earn you some degree of prestige, but they also win you bragging rights. 

Whichever mode you choose, there is no denying that the gaming industry has evolved into a massive empire that only continues to grow from here on. We can only expect better and bigger innovations to come. 

Frequently asked questions

  1. Is there a minimum age requirement?

We welcome guests from all ages to enjoy our wide range of games, both at the arcade and laser tag arena. However, children below the age of 12 are advised to bring a guardian for safety purposes. 

  1. Can I make reservations for private events?

Yes, you may. Slots may be limited, depending on the season you wish to book a reservation. We also offer party packages should you want to host an event with us. For private bookings, we ask that you fill out our online registration form or visit your nearest branch. 

Arcade reservations are available for a limited time. Special promos can be offered, depending on the package you opt for. In case you need an extension, we offer additional hours that are subject to availability and extra charges. 

  1. What are your accepted payment methods?

We accept cash or card payments. We currently do not accept personal cheques. Members are entitled to promo packages and vouchers upon signing up. If you wish to know more, please contact us through our hotline or send us an email!

  1. Are there food and drink stalls available?

Yes, we do! We know that players can get really tired after a full day of playing and having fun. This is why we have a wide range of food and drink options served by our partner chains. We offer fast food meals to keep your bellies satisfied until your next game!

  1. Do you have membership packages? How can I sign up?

Yes, of course, we do! We always look forward to welcoming new members. We have a one-time membership pack that entitles you to a wide range of perks. You get to play in any branch with the same price. This membership also enables you to compete in tournaments around the world. 

Discounted rates are offered for the whole duration of your membership. If you wish to learn more about the perks we offer, please feel free to get in touch with us and we will be happy to attend to your concerns. 

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