Rush Laser Tag has plenty to offer for your event including two private party/event/board rooms and a wide variety of fun activities for all ages.

Are you looking for fun and innovative ideas for your group outings and team-building events? Rush Laser Tag & Entertainment is one of the premier group event destinations in the Pembina Valley! Whether you’re a youth group, community program, sports team, or team-building event, Rush Laser Tag & Entertainment is the place to be! Our facility has plenty to offer for your event including two private party/event/board rooms and a wide variety of fun activities for all ages.

But it’s the little touches we’re so proud of. Whether it’s the personal attention from our dedicated party coaches, or the specially-designed team-building game formats, our entire staff is ready to go above & beyond to make sure you have a memorable experience when you visit us.

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Whether you bring your employees, or treat the whole family, the fun begins in our two-level maze; complete with special effects, music and lighting. Break high scores at the family-friendly arcade, let the kids enjoy the inflatables, or test your speed in our addictive game of Time Freak! RUSH is gender and age neutral, and suits all levels of athleticism and interest!

Regardless of which event you choose, RUSH
involves strategy, teamwork and even the
sceptic will rave about the fun!

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Building Our Community

RUSH is a fun and family friendly place for church, youth and school events, as well as team building experiences. RUSH packages combine extreme awesomeness with serious value. Easy to plan. Fun to play! Choose your unique event options today!

  • Unlimited laser tag games
  • Time Freak
  • Private use of the entire facility
  • Indoors bouncy castles for the little ones
  • Family friendly arcade


Your group will be thrilled to spend an entire night playing unlimited laser tag. An unforgettable experience! Ask us for details!


Fundraising tournaments are a fun and effective way to raise funds for your non-profit organization.


We give 15% back from all gift cards sold for your
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Win Pro at Rush: Group Strategies to Win Laser Tag

Laser tag is a good refresher on the importance of teamwork at home and work environments. With this no.1 element, the glorious winning moment adds to the activity’s awesome and peerless experience. 

That is why here at Rush Laser Tag and Entertainment, we not only want you to have the best fun time. Instead, we want you to win. On this page, here are group winning strategies to win laser tag matches that could instantly raise your newbie level to a pro. 

Top 4 tips and tricks

While tricks and plans are to each their own, this list could definitely transform them into a success.

  1. Know the game match

The ultimate goal of the game is pretty simple: to win the battle by defeating the opponents. With several laser tag facilities around the world, this game is full of surprises. The mechanics and equipment will never be the same from one arena to another. 

Simply put, regardless of how effective your plans are, there will always be a strong chance that they will not work in different facilities. A tip to you: never omit the instructions set forth by a laser tag staff. To give you an idea, Rush Laser’s popular spin-offs are as follows:

  • Capture the flag
  • Battle Royale
  • Domination
  • Stealth
  1. Correct outfit

Since laser tag is a battle arena, think of yourself as soldiers. Apart from solid skills and stealth, you need to get into character by wearing dark clothes. This helps you to nail the camouflage technique. The closed field is a dark room filled with UV lights. In the meantime, briefly goodbye to your neon shirts.

  1. Learn the layout

We know that you are excited to get into the field.  Like tip no.1, the designs of arenas are different. While you may be talented in aiming and firing at people, your group must spend some time to figure out the layout. Trust us. It will be a lot of difficulties when heaps of people are shooting at you.

Plus, learning the floor plan will give your team an edge when dividing tasks and looking for good vantage points. 

  1. Communicate

Communication is the key to achieving a united team. That said, it has to be unique that could only be understood by your team members. Since it is a dark place, hand signals won’t be much of a help. In place of that, sound signals or purchasing a walkie-talkie will suffice.


Beyond fun and excitement, the overjoyous feeling of playing laser tag comes with physical and mental benefits. Among the many advantages, as ever, is team-building skills. Whatever game mode you have chosen, working with other people at any age is always a rewarding learning experience. Even for adults, the goal to win must first be in accordance with working in harmony.

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