Thursday nights are Members Night from 7-9 pm.


  • Individual personalized membership card are a one-time fee of $15.00
  • Create your own personal identity including your own Laser force codename
  • The ability to log yourself into the games arena using your membership card
  • Access to your game records and statistics through the Member Kiosk
  • Opportunity to progress through the member’s skill levels gaining additional abilities and game features
  • Record achievements on your games records by completing mission challenges
  • Be ranked with all the members at our facility
  • Opportunity to play a wide range of member only missions
  • Discount games at $6 game Thursday nights from 7-9 pm

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Rush Laser Tag: The Perks of a Member 

Looking for a unique hobby that will test your skills? Well, worry no more because all you need to do is to become our member. Step into a world wherein the plane crash-landed deep into the Mayan jungle.

Get your gears on and go through a themed maze with different obstacles and interactive arena. Make sure to keep an eye out because the arena is filled with fog. What’s exciting is that there are flashing lights, background music, and LED lights. 

The best thing about playing laser tag is the excitement it brings. As a matter of fact, kids and adults can play together. You can even create the best team in the arena. 

What’s interesting is that laser tag became popular during the late 1970s. It is actually heavily inspired by popular television shows and films in the 1970s and 1980s. It can also be played indoor or outdoor. 

To play, here are the rules you need to remember:

  • It is recommended to avoid running 
  • Jumping is not allowed
  • Climbing is not allowed
  • Do not lay down because other players might step on you 
  • Hold the phaser using both hands 
  • Notify us if you are suffering from asthma, epilepsy, or seizure 
  • Children under eight years old should be accompanied by an adult 
  • Children under five years old are not allowed to enter the arena 

Aside from occasionally playing, you can also become a member of our squad. All you need to do is to register, pay the fee, and follow the rules. Here are other perks you should know: 

  • You will receive an individual personalized membership card for only $15 
  • You can create your personal identity and your own Laser Force codename 
  • You can immediately enter different arenas using your membership card 
  • You can also easily track your progress and achievements after completing missions
  • Your rank will be recorded every time you play 
  • You can also play with other members in special arenas 
  • You are eligible to claim a $6 discount every Thursday from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM 

Tips and Tricks You Should Know 

When it comes to playing laser tag, you also need to know some tips and tricks aside from the skills you have. This will give you an upper hand when playing. Some of these are: 

  • Familiarize yourself with the arena. This is to make sure that you can plan your attack without looking at a map or getting lost 
  • It is best to keep shooting especially if your target is constantly moving 
  • It is nice to find a good spot but it is better to keep moving 
  • Stay low as you can get to defend yourself. The best thing about keeping low is that you can still aim high 
  • Stick with your group and avoid going alone. Working as a team gives you more opportunity of winning the game 

Don’t think twice and join Rush Laser Tag and Entertainment! Enjoy!

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